The Cultural Practice and Motifs.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

With Cotton being one most desired regional wear across India, here from the make Nandini Cotton presenting the eternal beauty of availed motifs across the border lines of Nandhini Cotton Sarees.


From the heart of India, male Peacock shows their richness and attire through their colour shades with intense blue and green spreading across the wings.Most popular symbol among the women apparel in region, the peacock pattern woven across the border gives magical effect on the saree lines.

Nandhini Cotton Fancy Peacock Motif


One of the most instresting about the motif has lot of historical significance when it comes to India and their traditions.The cotton used are 80 count which is soft attractive to wear.

Nandhini Cotton Elephant Motif


Casual cotton sarees are also worn with Gopuram Motif (Temple), India outlooks their make made with cotton and vibrant temple motifs look great with these sarees as they add to the ethnic aura being re-created.

Nandhini Cotton Gopuram Motif


Wearing the bead, the most popular and powerful wear for prosperity. Which inturn will gain you immense wealth. The Mukhi Rudhraksha, the best part of this kind of crafts on sarees is reflected as intricate patterns that can be in the form of powerful sign. The look and feel determines the Indian culture and the practice.

Nandhini Cotton Rudhrakasha Border

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